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Laser Keys Long Beach

Since the 1970s, car manufacturers have been producing laser keys. This is a powerful locking mechanism that is very difficult to pick and difficult for criminals to reproduce. This increases the security of your vehicle.
While this is great for those needing peace of mind, it can be a nightmare if you end up losing your keys.
The problem is that in general, not many locksmiths have the ability to replicate these keys. That meant for a time, you had to contact the manufacturer to replace these keys. But with more modern vehicles using this unique type of key, some locksmiths have taken the time to get the special equipment to make the duplicate keys.
Laser keys use a flat edge that has grooves which have been engraved into the surface. Trained locksmiths are able to take the grooves that are needed and can begin to cut a new set of keys that will work in your vehicle. That means you are able to get a set of keys in a short period of time, rather than the days it used to take.
What you might not realize is that before a locksmith had the ability to cut these keys, your manufacturer had to determine the unique code for your vehicle. This was done by searching for the unique code that was only used in your personal car. Often, this meant they had to tow in your vehicle and begin to review information until they had the replacement available.

Today, all that will be needed for replicating replacement keys is the Vehicle Identification Number or VIN. With that information, the Long Beach Locksmith can begin to reproduce your key in a matter of moments. Even keys that utilize fobs or transponder chips can be reproduced while you wait.
No matter where you are stranded, you can call a professional locksmith out that can help you to replace your laser keys without too much of a problem. Once these professionals have accessed your vehicle’s information they can begin to replicate the keys and meet you wherever you are stranded, so you can get back on the road in no time at all.
Whether you’ve lost your laser keys or you just want a backup, take a moment to call our offices today. We can schedule you an appointment, or if you are in need of emergency service, one of our trained professionals can come out to you and help to get you back on the road in no time at all. . .