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Keypad Locks Long Beach

In a city such as Long Beach, California, people are always on the move. Between going to work, running the kids to school and after school activities and enjoying the beautiful weather and many outdoor activities the city has to offer, people are seldom home during the day. Unfortunately, criminals know this and seize the opportunity an empty house presents to help themselves to what does not belong to them. The first line of defense is to lock your doors, but how effective is that? Unless, you are using keypad locks, not very effective at all.
Few people take the chance of not locking their doors in a city such as Long Beach, which is good, but unfortunately, if your locking mechanism involves a key, your home may still be vulnerable. Rather than relying on keys, keypad locks are a better solution for home security. Keyless entry offers the most up-to-date method of making sure your home is safe from intruders. Keyless entry means no worries over lost keys both from the standpoint of not being able to gain entry to house and worrying that someone else will. Anytime your keys leave your possession, you run the risk that someone has made a duplicate key and has access to your home. A lost or stolen purse can mean someone has both your keys and address and can enter your home without your permission. This is not an issue with a keyless entry system; they may know where you live but they can’t get inside.

Although safety is a good reason to install a keyless entry system, the everyday convenience of using keypad locks instead of keys cannot be dismissed. Imagine never having to worry about locking yourself out of your house or of handing your car keys to a mechanic or parking lot attendant without first having to remove your house key from the key ring. Everyone can relate to the struggle over the security issue of hiding a key outside for an emergency. With keyless entry, the hidden key issue is moot. Entering your house becomes as simple as pressing a few numbers on a keypad. If you decide that you no longer wish someone to have access to your house it is a simple matter to change the code. Anyone who attempts to bypass the system triggers the alarm. No need to worry about someone randomly trying numbers to guess the code, anyone entering the wrong code too many times triggers the alarm as well.
All of our home security products, including our keypad locks are the best available in today’s market. We do our own installations using only highly qualified full vetted technicians. We provide only the highest quality products and services and we do so at a reasonable, competitive price. Call us today and we’ll provide information about our rates, products and services.